March 2, 2009

Updates: Traditional Church

During the Carnaval (Mardi Gras) holiday we took 50 members and friends of our traditional church and had a 5 day retreat at the retreat center I wrote about a few times. I was able to share stories daily about how the early church suffered for Jesus. I told through the warnings of Jesus about future suffering and the suffering stories of the book of Acts. Each group acted out each story and spent time telling the stories they learned to members of other groups.

Soon, we will begin new Sunday School classes using storying and inductive Bible study.

We will try to begin a youth service that will spend half the year telling through a set of Scripture stories in chronological order and the second half of the year selecting stories that deal with specific issues of faith and obedience. Hopefully this can become a patern that will cycle through from year to year.

Our wednesday night service continues to grow rapidly since our switch to oral-style biblical preaching. We've been seeing an average of 2 first time visitors to our church each Wednesday nights for the past 2 months.

We have not yet begun the church -wide oral Bible project. Pray for that.

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