March 29, 2009

The dance.

Thursday I did go to the small town as planned. Once there, I noticed that there was a special presentation in the pubic square. Several adults, adolescents and young children formed a circle and began clapping their hands as two men played drums and another two began to play a one stringed instrument. As soon as I heard the sound I knew what it was. Capoeira. A Brazilian martial art taught and practiced by dance and music.

I gathered in and watched as two men began to move very slowly crawling and doing small slow cartwheels and then gradually sped up to a full fast dance with back flips, spin kicks, twists and many other turns and twists. Two by two, others entered the dance circle replacing the two that were there, doing their own dance with the same kinds of moves. They danced in pairs of all ages, once even a 5 year old girl with a 40 year old formado (similar to black-belt).

Once the exhibition was over, many people stayed in the park to talk. I was able to speak with two men and present the Gospel and was invited to their homes. I will try to find their homes next week.

I still need a partner for this night of ministry, so be praying for that.

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