March 2, 2009

Updates: Evangelism

I don't see myself naturally as an evangelist, but the scriptural promise is that if we sow broadly we will reap broadly. I've been spending Saturday afternoons for the past several months taking church members with me to make two or three evangelistic home visits. In the process I am sharing the gospel, (usually through a selected Scriptural story or story cluster based on the need on that home, followed by an appeal to repent, believe and be baptized) and I am training others to share the gospel.

It is more and more obvious that there are some who hear and accept the Good News, who will not be able to participate in our traditional church as members because of distance or scheduling problems. We really want to help these families become churches together with their relatives and neighbors, as they come to Christ as well.

Baptism is still a stumbling block on both sides. The traditional church is uncomfortable baptizing new believers right away, and new believers are uncomfortable doing something that is "different."


  1. I am being sent by the Lord to Sao Paulo to reach out to the people and share Jesus with them, to feed them with food and then with the word. I am trying to learn the language but Rosetta Stone does not teach on the Name of Jesus or anything close to words of the bible. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for doing what God asks of us, to share his love.

  2. God bless you Libby. Are you going to the city of Sao Paulo or the state?

    When I moved to Brazil, I learned Portuguese by talking with people and repeating words and conversations. You should study with the resources you have, and it will give you something to feel comfortable with as you start. Do your best to immerse yourself with people that do not speak English.

    Time spent learning how to speak Portuguese well is not time wasted. You can write to my email directly if you use the address in my picture in the blog.



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