March 14, 2009

The singer and his family

Thursday when I went into the small town, I stopped by the singer's house first. He's been in rough spot because his keyboard fell and broke. He has to borrow one to do his performances in the small towns. I was just finishing telling the story of Manoah's wife (judges 13) when the phone rang. He went and answered and his wife was listening to what he was saying from the back room. His uncle in the next town up had just died.

In the next few moments he called his older brother and sister to his home and told them. They all shook their heads and began to talk about how uncomfortable they feel at funerals. I asked them if they wanted to hear what the Bible says about what happens to people after they die. They all agreed. I told the story of the resurrection of Lazarus (john 11) and emphasized the words of Christ about the resurrection. I then told the story of Christ's death and resurrection.

I made an appeal for them to all pray and receive Christ. The two women affirmed, having been raised Roman Catholic, that they believe in Jesus. The singer and his brother pondered a moment and shook their heads, meaning they heard me, but needed to think. Soon everyone left. I will speak with them again next week.

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