July 22, 2012

Bible Storying is not a Silver Bullet

When I was first encouraged to begin this blog some years ago by Bryan Thompson, he told me that I ought to post on everything, “warts and all.”

Recently, I have been posting mostly encouraging success stories. Bible storying has been a tool for me and for my wife to lead others to the Lord Jesus Christ and to help them trust in Him for forgiveness and salvation. We usually use a person-of-peace process where we observe and wait for those who are responding to our Bible stories. We then begin with them in their home, a weekly oral, inductive Bible study. This usually leads to a believing family in three to five months.

I haven’t written here about the number of times (It happened again last night) that I shared a scripture story and it just seemed to do nothing. What a disappointment.

Still, stories stick. They are not easily forgotten. If they are God’s stories, they are seeds of God’s Word that have been sown.

I will keep sowing.


  1. I have several times thought my story "bombed" only to find out some remarkable fruit occurred later. Keep on keeping on! Thanks for your testimonies here Stephen and for taking time to write them down! You are an encouragement brother!

  2. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because you write well, and I want your work to gain exposure.



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