December 9, 2011

In the Rain, in the Mud, Uphill

When we arrived at Mr S’s neighborhood, we left the car on the paved road. After I put a raincoat on Nilson, I took my hearing aid and cochlear implant off and put them in Loaise’s purse. We got out of the car, together with Mr S, and started walking uphill, about a quarter-mile. I carried Nilson, as it was raining and a muddy river was flowing down at our feet.

When we arrived at the house, Everyone took their shoes off and made themselves at home. I asked for a towel to dry my hair, so I could put my hearing aid and CI back on. I am deaf without them. Mr S gave me one of his shirts to wear,and I put mine on the line to dry a bit.

This was our third meeting his family. Our first meeting had featured the parable of the sower. Last week was the wise and foolish builder. We have been modeling for the family how to have an inductive Bible study with mutual accountability. (A way to help one another obey scripture).

Last week, Mr S and his family made a commitment to having their own weekly family Bible reading. They had chosen John 3 as their passage and read it together during the week. They did not understand a certain part of the passage and prayed for help. God certainly answered their prayers.

The passage I’d chosen for the day was the Bronze Serpent. First, everyone shared things for which they are grateful to God and needs they have. After that each one shared with how we obeyed the scripture last week. I had Mr S read verses 14-16 of John 3. Someone else read the passage from Numbers. Then I told the passage in my own words.

What followed was a great discussion, with each person having some input and participation. As they discovered God’s justice and mercy in providing a way to escape death with a bronze snake, they noticed how much better it was than just removing the snakes.

When we finished and re-read John 3:14-16, each one in the family shared that they believe that we must look to Jesus, just as the Israelites looked at the bronze serpent. Faith is growing quickly in this family.

November 25, 2011

Mr S and his Family

I recently had a cochlear implant surgery. You can read all about that on another blog The surgery introduced me to a whole new world of people who have been going through and will be going through the same experience.


One example is the family of Mr S. His daughter is deaf and will have a cochlear implant early next year, God willing. We were invited to his house yesterday. Nilson, my son, played very well with his daughter. Loaise and I talked with them about my experience with the surgery.


After a while we sat down for a Bible story. I told the story of the sower of seed and the four soils. After a walk-though, but no retelling, we talked about what kind of soil best represents our own lives, and which we would prefer.


This storying time was well received. We modeled how to have an inductive Bible study. The family agreed that they need to change some things to become good soil, and that is what they want. I hope to see this whole family baptized in the next few months.


We were invited to return next Thursday. We will keep this up for several weeks. In the next two weeks I will help Mr S begin to lead the discussion, and soon afterwards, I will teach him how to learn and tell stories for his family. I hope to see this family baptized in the next few months. Not sure whether to point them towards a traditional church or to help them start a house church.


I am being presumptuous, but I believe God will move quickly with this family. Pray for them.

June 9, 2011

Planning a Short-Term Mission Trip

I have been a trip volunteer, a trip leader, a receiving volunteer, and the receiving missionary. I've participated in every aspect of short-term missions. This post from Guy Muse (SBC Missionary in Ecuador) is a must read for every pastor and volunteer.

The key affirmation in this article, for me, is that many... most come unprepared for evangelism. Pastors, get your short-term missions teams experienced in evangelism before the trip, please.

Read this great article...

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