April 12, 2010

W much like Gideon

W was baptized yesterday. His grandmother was there (she is the head of his household). His brothers and sisters were there. I was wrong about his age. He is 13, not 11.

His grandmother was in tears and hugged him afterwards. I could read her lips saying. “Now you are a man of God in our family. This is very important.” She announced to me a little later that her family is going to follow Jesus like W. She asked me to return to her home again after my trip to help her family learn how to be disciple too. On second thought, I may go there this afternoon.

I will help them begin an oral-style inductive Bible study as a family.

April 6, 2010

From 12 to 50+

I just noticed in a post from October that we had 12 attend our prayer meeting that particular Wednesday. We’ve been running 50+ for about 6 weeks now. The format is simple.
  1. We have a meal, (30 minutes)
  2. We put the plates away and formally begin with prayer.
  3. Each person that wants to can share what God did in their lives that week, or what they learned of God and wanted to share with others, or an experience telling someone else about Jesus.(15 minutes)
  4. We sing. (10 minutes)
  5. Someone tells a passage of scripture as story. (5 minutes)
  6. We talk about it and find ways to apply and obey it. (15 minutes)
  7. We break into groups of 3 or so, to pray for one another. (15 minutes)
  8. We close, and put the tables away and benches back into their places, and talk.
I do believe the meal is a draw, but the scripture as story and the opportunity to pray with one another is what keeps people involved.