March 25, 2009

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Yesterday, we had our second home meeting with the family from São Paulo. This time we were able to spend a little bit more time with the scripture than in the first meeting. This group is highly literate, so instead of storying, we are reading the scripture passage together until we've got it in a firm way. One person read and everyone follows along in their bible. Then another reads the passage again, then we try to put the passage into our own words. In a few more weeks, this will be natural. Right now, it is new for many.

Of the obedience statements from last week, we had about 50% who did what they said they would do, and some others who partially did it. Everyone enjoyed the share time about their obedience and are anxious to do even better this week.

Last night, we had a special dinner to receive our friend who went to africa "H." He is here for this week only to visit, and will return. People from the company and their families met together. I began talking to one young man (20 years old) who's father works with Loaise. He'd been on our prayer list many times, because of problems with family and possibly drugs and theft. I shared the gospel with him telling Isaiah 53 and the story of the crucifiction and resurrection. He asked if the people I tell these stories to believe. I told him that some do and some don't. He asked if people who are addicted to drugs come to Jesus. I told him the story of Jesus and the Demoniac from Gerasa who had the legion of demons, but wasn't able to talk more because the restaurant was closing. We left.

Today his father came by Loaise's office and told her that his son spent the whole ride back home telling the stories I told and that it was the first time that they had all talked as a family in 2 years. Something is changing in his son. Pray for him.

Today I had a meeting with "H" and the young african lady who helps with evangelism from time to time. We practiced having a home bible study and prayer time. "H," who accepted Jesus just months ago, will begin a bible study where he lives and works in Angola, Africa. Pray for him.

Tomorrow I will go to the small town.

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