September 26, 2008

Neighborhood churches in the making

Since my hearing returned, I've led a number of workshops and training sessions at Igreja Batista da Vitória, to prepare Christian families to start small house-churches in their neighborhoods. Even yesterday I was able to visit a husband and wife who have a small grocery store in an area of the city I had not been to. They have an upper room with 80 chairs that they envision being used for worship services in the future.

I just wanted to put some names here and ask you to pray for these families that I am training and discipling to plant new churches in their neighborhoods.

José Antonio and Evándia - He is a construction worker and she is a housekeeper. They are inviting people to meet with them in their home each week to hear the gospel. They have two teenaged daughters. José António has been to the small town several times and is a good help there.

Valdecir and Cida - This couple works together in something similar to a hotdog stand 6 nights a week, but instead of hotdogs they sell brazilian style grilled steak. (You would like it if you ate it and you would have to be here to understand why it is so popular on the street.) They have been to several workshops and are planning to reach families in their home.

Julinho and Ana - This couple is the one that I mentioned that has the grocery store. They have one young daughter. They hope to begin a church in their upper room.

Rosa - This grandmother has a beauty salon. She wants to close business one day a week and use her salon to evangelize her long-time clients and their friends. She wants to use her salon to host church meetings in the future.

Bruno - This young man is a top-10 ranked Muai Thai fighter in the world. He has traveled to many countries to fight in tournaments and has had his heart broken in eastern countries seeing the people who don't know Jesus. He wants to learn to evangelize and start a church in his dojo and then in the future, go to an un-named far-eastern country and repeat the process.

Moisés and Patricia - This couple works at the University and have two young sons. They have participated in our training and want to begin a church in their home.

Marcia - This woman is a single mother of a teenaged daughter. She came to Christ later in life and lives in a poorer neighborhood. She and her mother have to walk a half hour up and down hills to come to our church. She wants to begin a work to reach people in her neighborhood and form a small church closer to her home and acquaintences.

There are others, but these are the ones with the most potential to really begin something. Please pray for them, perhaps one family a day for a week, then repeat.

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