September 12, 2008


Yesterday I went to the small town alone. My partner is working construction in another city this week. I went in our car for the first time since before going deaf. About 15 minutes before arriving in the small town the car began to accelerate on its own. It was as if I was pushing the pedal to the metal. I stomped several times on the gas pedal, but it made no difference and so I tried braking, but that wasn't helping either, so I turned off the ignition. I kept the key slightly turned so the steering wheel would not lock. As the car began to slow down I started it again, and, once again, full tilt. So I turned it off again. Black smoke came out the back of the car.

I coasted to a stop and put the hazard lights on, set a reflector about 10 yards behind the car and opened the hood. The accelerator cable seemed to be fine, but that's all i knew to check. I waited for a while for someone to pass and stop. Finally someone stopped and told me he would advise the mechanic in the small town. About 20 minutes later he came. As it turns out there is a little lever on the side of the carburetor, behind the one the cable pulls. It was stuck. He flipped it back into position and that was that. He followed me to his shop and then got some lubricant and worked on the part for a while until it was loose and good to go.

I arrived an hour late.

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