September 13, 2008


The last two homes I visited on Thursday were homes of men who were running for town council. I've been unable to meet with either of them because of the political stuff they've been doing on Thursday.

One, an unbaptized convert, (the man in the wheel chair in the picture on the sidebar) was saddened to learn that he was barred as a candidate because he had not been registered in his political party for more than a year. This hit him pretty hard because he is nearly quadriplegic and he had seen this as a way he could work again. He did, however, say that he is happy that he will begin again to meet with the rest of the families on the hill. (I have two more baptism stories to tell and then I will ask them to plan on being baptized)

The other man, the singer, as I've called him. Did not turn in his application before the deadline and can not be a candidate. He did successfully make the move from the big city back to the small town to be with his family. I told him that I wanted to tell him the stories of the Bible. He said he was reading a little of the Bible this past week and wanted to make a song. We agreed that we would meet each week for me to tell a story and for him to try to make a song of it. He and his family are very strong in folk-catholicism, so we must go forth in much prayer.

I made it home a little after midnight with no more car trouble.

Oh, yes, on Friday I also continued the Old Testament narrative at Loaise's workplace in the city. I told the story of Abram's call. There was one client who also stayed for the story.

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