August 24, 2008

Why we do this...

Storying through the scriptures is our method of evangelism and discipleship because it works best for oral learners (people who don't learn by reading). Today there was an article in our city newspaper that confirmed to me the need for ministries that do not use literate methods.

In our city, out of the 370,000 registered voters: 200,000 have not gone beyond 8th grade education. Of those 150,000 did not finish elementary school. A full 50,000 of this group can't read or write more than their own name.

How are gospel tracts going to reach these people? How will logical, outlined gospel presentations reach this group? How will projecting the words to music on the wall help this population? Certainly, our ministries need to include literacy education, but evangelism and discipleship can not wait for 200,000 people to learn to read. Literacy is neither a biblical prerequisite to salvation nor a scriptural requirement to be a pastor or deacon.

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  1. Preach it brother.

    I just got back from training a group on storying in Puno, Peru at more than 12000 feet. It was a great time of training. These guys have had traditional church shoved down their throats for a long time, so the simplistic method of getting the message out was welcomed.


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