August 1, 2008

Stories are concrete, Theology is abstract.

This week we had 3 different opportunities to use storying as a means of evangelizing and training disciples. On Sunday I was invited to preach at a church that was ending its VBS week with the neighborhood kids, inviting their parents for a special service. They were concerned that traditional preaching might not reach these parents, so they asked me to do storying. I told several narratives about Jesus and gave just a little commentary between the clusters of stories. It was well received and I was asked to return again another day.

On Tuesday, Loaise, Nilson and I went to the home of some church members that want badly to evangelize their neighborhood, but don't know how. They read, but not well, and though they are eager and sincere at the church services, they don't deal well with abstract ideas. After we had dinner with them, I told the story of Jesus resurrecting a widow's only son. I then had them tell the story back to me and coached them through the important parts of telling a story faithfully to the scriptures. They were all excited that they were able to get several verses of the Bible by heart in only a short time. Soon, I will begin teaching one or two stories a week at the church in the big city and helping members to learn and tell these stories. We will call this "The Oral Bible Project."

Yesterday I went into the small town again. This time, I went alone, as my helper was unable to go because of a last-minute problem. I told the story of Peter and Cornelius to the families on the Hill and then went to meet with the family by the bus station. They weren't home. We will start with them next week. (It will be better with my helper anyway).

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