August 15, 2008

Learn as you go

Yesterday José António and I worked through what we would do in the storying session as we were travelling to the small town. I'd selected Acts 14, a portion of Paul's first missionary journey. I told through the story, as I had it prepared. He told me that he thought it was pretty long. As we went we reduced the story down to just what happened in the city of Lystra, when Paul and Barnabus were mistaken for gods. (This is a good story for dealing with veneration of saints. It shows, like the story of Peter and Cornelius, that the apostles did not accept worship or reverence)

I mentioned my partner that we would tell the story of the Paul and Silas and the jailor next week, and then the story of John's disciples being baptized again the week after that. He told me that he thought that the jail story would have been better for this week, because these families are dealing with the issue of baptism and have already freed their homes of idols. I agreed with him, but it was too late for me to prepare the other story.

Once we arrived, we discovered that the families on the hill were unable to meet because of a work meeting that night. We took advantage of the time by meeting with two families across the river. They both are anxious to being meeting regularly, just not together.

We then went to the family by the bus station. This time we were able to meet with them and I told the story of Creation. One thing that I wanted to do with this family that I hadn't done with other chronological bible storying opportunities is to call them to obedience to God's word in every story. In this story, they noticed the importance of people in God's creation. Made in the image of God and put in authority over all creation. We drew out an application and comitted to being obedient to God's word by doing good for people and treating all with respect, as they are all our brothers and sisters and are created in the image of God. We also comitted to take good care of the earth and its creatures as stewards of God's creation. Each person will tell how they obeyed God in a new way in the next meeting.

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