December 14, 2007

December 14th, 2007

On Wednesday I went to the families on the hill in the small town. It was the second to last meeting we will have this year. We met in De's house and this was a change. Lu, in the wheelchair, had to be pushed up and around the hill from his house to attend. This family is glad to do this, though it is hard, hard work.

I told, after reviewing the birth story of Jesus, the story of the baptism and the story of the temptation of Jesus. Since I had told the stories recently and they were fresh in my mind, I didn't spend much time preparing for the discussion. Big mistake. Fortunately, God's Word has its own power and the Holy Spirit uses it to change people. Still, I found myself meandering a lot in our discussion time. I remembered things we should have talked about after having moved on to other parts of the story. Anyone who is doing storying needs to realize that fresh preparation is key to the dynamic of the study. They learned the stories and retold them well. That is key. This group is also very close to faith.

On the way home, I gave a ride to the family of a man who is a folk singer. He is a friend of mine and I have been offering steadily to tell them the Bible. His wife is strongly culturally catholic. She has politely but firmly resisted any attempt to talk about God. Well, the trip takes about an hour and it was really late, so I offered to tell a story as I drove to help pass the time. I told the long version of the Christmas story. It took about half and hour and they were all amazed at the story. I believe the door has been opened, so pray that the singer's family can begin to learn the Bible.

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