December 10, 2007

December 10th, 2007

This journal update is more of an announcement than anything. A couple of things: With the end of the year coming up, people's schedules are changing rapidly. My posting will be a little less frequent until January.

Currently, we are discipling the family in the big city and encouraging them to be baptized and to join a local church. The families on the hill in the small town are now hearing and learning stories about Jesus. Our meeting will now be on Wednesdays and no longer on Tuesdays. The target date for them to be baptized and form a church is Mardi-Gras. (That is the biggest holiday here in Brazil. Our church has rented a campground and will host a retreat during that weekend. Our goal is to baptize this group on that weekend and commission the church.)

For those of you who are printing out this journal there is a way to get an ink-friendly version of the posts. Look on your browser for this symbol:

Click on it and you will get a page of just the text of this journal without the pictures and background. This works for anyone's blog. If you can't find the symbol in your browser, click on the one in this text. It should work.

We are still planning to start 3 more storying groups in the small town, there are many who are interested, but getting them organized always proves to be a challenge.

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