December 11, 2007

December 11th, 2007

Last night, Loaise and I went to the family in the city for the second to last meeting of the year with them. I told the story of Paul and Silas being arrested, beaten and thrown in Jail and subsequently leading the jailer to Christ. After we reviewed and talked through the story. We continued to talk about baptism using the example from the story. I am pressing them to act in obedience.

One comment I'd make at this point from my experience with them is this: When we started the series, one of the women offered coffee to the group and we all accepted. Over time this turned into a light snack and lately a heavy snack. Every week, it takes a little longer to get started. While the time together is nice, it is a burden on the host, because she is preparing more and more each week. It is a burden on the storying session, because we either finish very late or have a shorter time story the bible. I am going to suggest that our future groups avoid going beyond coffee as a hospitality.

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