November 26, 2007

November 26th, 2007

Sunday, I preached the morning service again at one of the local churches here in the city. It was the second part of the life and ministry of Jesus. I told as single narrative these portions from John:

2:12 - 2:22
3:1 - 3:21
4:43 - 4:53
5:1 - 5:29
7:1 - 7:52
8:12 - 8:59
11:1 - 11:57

I think telling 30 minute stories is taking its toll on me, because it takes a long time to prepare even a 5 minute story, if you haven't told it before. Next week, I will tell the passion and resurrection story of Jesus and then I will take a break from these long sermon-length narratives.

I have had a number of great compliments from the church members. They've told me that they are learning very much and finally able to "see" Jesus. That is really what I had hoped for.

Tonight I will go to the family in the big city and tomorrow the families in the small town.

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