November 11, 2007

November 11th, 2007

Today I began a sermon series in one of the traditional churches in the big city. I am telling the Bible as narrative. Today I told the entire life and ministry of John the Baptist as a single narrative. It took about 35 minutes. Here's the scripture references. (Sorry, it's in portuguese, but you can tell which scriptures I used anyway) Next week I will begin the life and ministry of Jesus.

Lucas 1:5-80
Mateus 3:1-12 / Marcos 1:1-8 / Lucas 3:1-20 / João 1:19-28
Mateus 3:13-17 / Marcos 1:9-11 / Lucas 3:21-22
João 1:29-34
Mateus 9:14-17 / Marcos 2:18 / Lucas 5:33-39 / João 3:22-4:4
Mateus 11:1-19 / Lucas 7:11-35 /
Mateus 14:1-12 / Marcos 6:14-29
João 10:40-42

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