October 30, 2007

October 30th, 2007

Last night, we got back to business, going to the family in the big city. I told the rest of Acts 2, which is the story of Peter's sermon at Pentecost.

We first reviewed the story from the last meeting, which was the Ascension of Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit. After they recounted the story, I told the story for the night. Last week, I had told the story, but it was late and I could see that our discussion would not be beneficial, because everyone was tired.

This time I began the story, but there were 3 interruptions before I finished the story. I believe that these stories from the Bible need to be complete, or unbroken. This is why I don't stop the story to give commentary. Since there were significant interruptions, I told the story again. Afterwards, I saw that the hearers were unable to reproduce the story. After talking about some of the difficult parts of the story, I told it a third time. This time the comprehension was there, but they could not retell the story.

The problem, I believe, was the part of the story where Peter quotes David and explains that David was foretelling the suffering and Resurrection of the Messiah. I had a lot of difficulty making this fit into the story when I was framing the story, and even after doing that, it became a trouble spot in the story for the hearers.

Our discussion was a great one afterwards. Many of the themes are coming together in their minds and hearts, and I think if we'd had a pool of water in the house where we were meeting, the might have been baptized right there.

Next week, I will continue a little with Acts, because there are more stories that will help them to conceptualize putting faith into practice.

Tonight I will go to the small town to the families on the hill.

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