October 4, 2007

September 19th, 2007

Last night I went to the small town and had my 3rd storying session with the families on the hill. I arrived early with intentions of arranging a second group to meet on the same night, but after my first storying session. Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm a second group yet. When I went up the hill to Lu's house I was told by a young lady that we would go to Al's house. Lu is nearly quadraplegic and has a lot of difficulty to leave his house, but he came by taxi. I helped take him out of the car and put him in his wheelchair. After the session we rolled him around to the other side of the hill (going down is easier that coming up).

I reviewed the 3 stories from last week. They remembered what the stories were, but could only retell the story of Adam and Eve's sin without mistakes. I retold the story of the creation of Adam and Eve and the stories of Cain and Able. I probably spent too long reviewing last week, but Mar missed last week and I wanted her to catch up. This time I told the story of Noah and the flood. I did an okay job. They all seemed interested and liked the story, but I just didn't feel the flow of the story. (This was the second time I've told this story in a group session) We talked about God's punishment of the disobedient and his provision for the obedient.

After it was over, we had a pretty good role play where De played the part of Noah and I was one of his neighbors asking why he was building the boat. She was true to the story with her answers. It went like this.

Me- Why are you building that big boat, Noah?
De- Because God's sending a deadly flood and everyone and every animal is going to die. God told me to build the boat to save my family and the different kinds of animals.
Me - Why is God sending a flood, Noah?
De- Because there is so much violence and evil on the earth and people only do bad things. God is displeased with his creation.
Me - So you're telling me I'm going to die?
De - If you don't stop doing bad an get in this boat with me, yes, you will.

I do hope and pray that this group will come to know Christ in the next couple of months. I am thinking of planning a retreat for the end of November and inviting all those who have participated in the Bible stories from Genesis to Acts to participate. I would spend a day mixing fun and Bible stories and hopefully we would have baptism for many in the afternoon and the Lord's supper as a church in the evening.

My next storying session is on Thursday in the big city. It will be the story of the crucifixion. I've already told several stories from Creation to Moses and of the life and ministry of Jesus. I'll write a report on Friday.

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