October 4, 2007

September 14th, 2007

Last night my wife and I went to do a storying session here in the big city. This was our 10th session with this family. (This group started out bigger, but dwindled after the first few sessions. The organizer asked me to come and help him evangelize his brother and his family. I told him that I would come spend about 3 months telling stories to give his brother and family the core stories of the Bible. These are the two families that remain.)

I told 4 stories:
Jesus cured a handicapped woman on the sabbath day
(luke 13:10-17)
Our discussion time compared religious tradition and truly doing what is right।

Jesus is asked about the people Pilate killed (luke 13:1-5)
Here our dicussion led us to the idea that God doesn't punish just the very bad people।

The pharasee and the tax collector (luke 18:9-14)
From this parable, the couple was able to tell me who God forgives and why।

The high cost of discipleship (luke 14:25-34)
This couple will be rejected by their parents when they follow Christ and so this story will help them think through the meaning of a real conversion.

In the car on the way home from a storying session, my wife, Loaise, and I were talking about how nice it was to evangelize using the stories of scripture and not clichés and canned phrases. We began talking about how perfectly the stories fit with the life situation and culture of the families we are evangelizing. I began to tell her that I had specifically left the original 10-week plan of giving an overview of the Old Testament and Jesus, adding these stories because I had applied the 10 principals from the Following Jesus series as I prepared this lesson.

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