January 13, 2012

Baptisms and Mr S’s Family

Yesterday, my family and I returned to Mr S’s house. We had to skip several weeks as his family travelled. When we arrived we were excited to see that the family has been walking together in the ways of Jesus.

In fact, one of his sons decided on his own that he needed to be baptized. He found a foursquare gospel church not terribly far from their home and is scheduled to be baptized there in February. Because of this all of their Mr S’s children went to that church last night. We stayed in the home with just the parents.

I told the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian. (By the way,  I discovered last night, that I have been pronouncing ‘Ethiopian’ wrong for the past 9 years) After we talked about the story as we always do, Mr S commented how similar it was to their situation. They planned to decide as a family about baptism and make a plan  for what they will do before next week.

Perhaps the family will all seek to join the Foursquare Gospel church and be baptized there. Perhaps they will ask me to baptize them and start a new church in their home. We don’t know yet. Pray for their wisdom.

In the midst of all this, their youngest daughter, who is deaf, will have a cochlear implant surgery on January 24th. The same doctor who did my surgery will do hers. Pray for her success.

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