January 18, 2009

Tracing back over some mis-steps

Thursday I returned again to the small town. I stopped by the retreat center to schedule a day-long pastor's meeting for next Thursday. I ended up talking with the people there for an hour and arrived late into the small town. One of the families I was going to visit gave up waiting, so I missed a chance there.

I'd been listening to a podcast called Story4All as I drove, and heard a missionary tell his stories of work in Africa. One of the things he told was about how he'd gone a pretty good distance away to tell someone about Jesus, and then his neighbor asked him "Why did you drive past me to get to them?"

That made me think of "R" and "F," who were my employers when I worked at the English school in the next town up the road. I decided to pay them a visit. When I arrived I was readily received in their home. I told them that I'd come to see them, because I'd told them many times I was a missionary, but never sat down and told them the Gospel the same way I did for others.

They ordered a pizza for us to eat and I began telling the story of Jesus. The time passed, the pizza was eaten, and I needed to go, but the story wasn't finished. They asked me to spend the night. So, I called Loaise and she told me that it would be fine, as long as I left early enough in the morning to get back home before 8:00.

We stayed up until 1:00 AM talking about Jesus and all he did. I need to go back and do some follow up, but as I was leaving at 6:00 AM, "R" said to me: "Your message you came to share is important.... it's already having an effect on us. Thank you"

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