January 31, 2009

"I don't trust them to tell me what it means"

Back in the small town last week, I spoke to a couple who have frequently been interested in being part of a new church, but have never committed to it. We began talking about what it means to follow Jesus. As I listened, I didn't hear any aversion to Jesus, but rather a genuine interest and affection for his teachings. This couple has never joined a church, because they have been put off by priests and pastors who speak for 30 or 40 minutes to explain 5 verses of the Bible and by the time they are done, no one understands what those 5 verses were about.

When I began telling them stories and encouraging them to learn God's word for themselves... not what someone says it means, but what it actually says, they showed great interest. We may have a new group starting in the next week or two. Be in prayer for this couple. "E" and "S."

In the High City, only one helper could go on the visits today. She is from a coastal island of Africa and will go back in 3 years after she finishes her studies here. She is the only one in her family that is a Christian and the rest are Spiritists. She came to Christ from the work of a pastor that went from his island to her island and shared the Good News. She has been helping for the past two weeks, but today I learned why. She wants to know how to evangelize her family and start a church among them. Her name is Linda.

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