April 9, 2008


I began to hear my first words this week, since going deaf in January. I've still got a long way to go, but it is amazingly good to hear recognizable words again. Thank you heavenly father.
Yesterday I went into the small town again with a helper from the church. We visited the singer's family and discovered that he still hasn't been able to move back into the small town. It is dependant upon his closing of a second-hand store he has in the city and finding someone who can freely haul his things to the small town. Money is tight for them. We still have not begun storying in this family, but need to. Pray for the singer. We visitied a few homes and simply prayed for the sick. In two homes, the families on the hill and a family near the bus station, I told the story of Christ's death and resurrection. I have not been dialoging the story with the families while deaf, just telling the stories. Still, it's obvious the power in God's word.
I should return again to the small town within a week.


  1. Hi. Glad I found you. We prayed for the return of your hearing a few weeks ago at church. I was glad to read an update here. I will pass it along to the rest of the people.

    Sally is in Wisconsin on business tonight, so I am babysitting the children. She says hello to you and Loaise. It's good to see all of your progress over the last few years. Any time you need a prayer or anything else for that matter, drop us a line.


  2. Greg, drop me a line, I'm not sure how to contact you these days. Write to "stephen at wordwinds dot org"


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