March 23, 2012

A Little Technique, A Big Difference

Tonight at Mr S’s house we took a different approach. This family has been gung-ho in obedience to God’s word each week, but has been neglect in sharing what they have learned with others. This time we got everyone involved.

Our text was Matthew 13. We took some of the Kingdom of Heaven parables and spent time learning to learn them by heart and tell them accurately. The first parable was the Treasure Hidden in a Field. It is only one verse long. One person read it. Another read in in another translation. Everyone closed their Bibles and told it to the person next to them and listened to it told back to them. Then everyone reopened their Bibles and I read the verse again.

I asked “Did you notice anything you left out? Did you notice that you added anything? Can someone tell this parable for all of us?”

Someone did and made one small mistake, which was quickly self-corrected by the group. We then asked some questions to find observations and applications.

Everyone agreed that it was easy to learn and tell.

We did this this two more times, with the Pearl of Great Value and The Net. Everyone learned the stories and told them well. We all agreed to tell at least one of these parables to five different people this week, and name the people we shared with next week.

Up to this point, there had be some reluctance on the part of the family to tell scripture. Today they mastered the technique with simple short passages.

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