October 8, 2009

Power outage leads to great storying

Last night was a rainy night. Only 12 people showed up for the prayer meeting, there are usually around 30. My wife and son stayed at home. He’s had a fever for three days.

We began the church service telling stories of God’s work in our lives. After about 15 minutes the power went out and we were in the dark. As we ended the testimony time, Ronis is picked up a guitar and began to play. We sang praises for a good while. Then someone said, “Steve, tell the Bible story!”

Our eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to see silhouettes. There wasn’t enough light to see faces, much less to read. So, I began. “This is a story from Luke 14.”

I told the story as it is in the Bible. When I finished. I helped the group to piece the story back together. We ended up telling the whole passage again as a group. What followed was about 15 minutes of conversation about that passage of the Bible.

When we were done, we broke up in to groups of 3 to 4 people and prayed for one another, as we always do. After about 20 minutes of praying together, we were all surprised by the return of the lights.

When we finished, one man told me, “We spent the whole time in the dark, but I never saw the scripture so well as I did tonight. I won’t forget this.”

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