July 3, 2009

The Dirt Roads Project

Here I am, back in Brazil and ready to go. The trip to the US was wonderful and much needed. Sorry for the delays in blogging. Like I said, now its back to work. So here we go....

Between the big city and the small town is a winding highway that takes about an hour to cross. Along the way there are little roads that shoot off to the left and right. A few months ago, I drove down one of these dirt roads for about 20 minutes and came to a place where there were 3 houses. It's not a city, not a village, and maybe not even an arraial.

There are a number of these little unmapped dirt roads and at the ends of them are little communities. This year we want to bring the gospel to the communities at the end of these dirt roads.

Pray for us as we initiate work with teams from our church to reach these communities. We will be doing some workshops and seminars, as well as mentoring. If you would like to partner with us in prayer, send an email or look me up on facebook. Stephen M Young II.

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