April 28, 2009


Just want to put up a quick post and apologize for the lack of updates lately. We've been dealing with some health issues in the family and some other logistical problems. Leading up to Easter and following I told the passion narrative and many resurrection stories.

This year I really keyed in on John 14 and 15 with the Christian groups. I believe that all of us understand the resurrection a little better now.

I've been studying through some of the essentials in creating small reproductive churches and have learned that much of what decides whether a group will EVER become an autonomous church or remain a leader-dependent bible study happens in the first 2 or 3 meetings. We've begun dozens of groups. Many of those groups produced new Christians, but none of them have become a church.

Some of the most recent groups have been nearest misses. They have produced the most obedient Christians and the ones who learn the scriptures the best. Still, no church.

We are going to make some small but significant changes as we begin the next few groups. Hopefully I can post how that process works as we get going. Of course, no real names and no real addresses.

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