February 25, 2009

Updates: High City

There is a couple who came from São Paulo to open a restaurant in the new city mall. They are Christians and members of a Baptist church in their old city. Since moving here over a year ago they have made few friends. They work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and have no car. Their home is a long way from any local baptist churches. Ours is the closest.

They visited on a Wednesday night and Loaise and I have gone to visit them often. The Monday before last we went to their home and had breakfast with them (the only time they are not working). We prayed with them and talked for a couple of hours. They have a real need to be involved in church, but their schedules do not fit the typical operating hours of most churches. We made a comittment to help them begin a church that will meet in their home in the morning, at least once a week. Once our local pastor told other restaurant workers and owners about this, many began to weep with excitement.

We will spend 8 weeks helping them learn how to have a home worship service and use inductive bible study in place of traditional preaching.

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