July 18, 2008

Praying for More Laborers

We often spend so much time looking for precepts in the teachings of Jesus, that we sometimes forget just to take him at his word. Jesus told his followers to pray for more laborers. This was one of the first things he instructed them to do. We recently began to take Jesus at his word and my one new helper for the small town has become 4 new helpers.

We did not go into the small town yesterday because of limited bus tickets. The city was celebrating the festival of Saint Peter. Where they carry a statue of Peter through the town and bow down to him often and pray to him frequently. Had I prepared beforehand I would have brought several people with me, each having learned a story about Peter from the scriptures. It would have been interesting to see what people thought of Peter's oft repeated words in Acts. "I am only human like you. This miracle happed by the power of Jesus, not mine." There is even a story of when Peter commands a household not to bow down before him.

I did lead, recently, two different workshops in the big city to prepare our church to use Biblical narratives to evangelize households and start small churches in their homes. I will be doing more workshops for the next 4 weekends. This will hopefully, lead to many new Chronological Bible Storying opportunities in the big city.

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