March 14, 2008

Hearing Test

Today I am going to have my 3rd hearing test since I went deaf. The first test showed zero response to any frequency. The second test two weeks later showed zero response to all frequencies, except one, which I could hear vaguely at 90 dB. I expect today I will be hearing a number of frequencies.

I've been recovering some hearing. It isn't much, but I can hear a few notes when I whistle and I can hear a little of my son Nilson when he cries or screams. I can hear things banging and I can hear when I chew something crunchy. I still don't hear myself when I talk and I still can't get anything intelligible from turning the radio on full and putting my ear on the speaker. I hear some things, but nothing that sounds like a melody or speech.

I preached the morning service at Igreja Batista da Vitoria last Sunday. There was a wonderful response, and I was later asked to preach again this Sunday and again in 3 weeks. I had planned to go to the small town yesterday, but my energy level just wasn't high enough. The medicine I am taking leaves me feeling tired and weak. I will be going next week.

I'll post any interesting results of my hearing test later.


  1. Good News! Please keep us informed.

  2. Sounds like God is doing some amazing things in rural Brazil. If you ever need cheaper missionary airfare, check these guys out -

    - they saved our ministry a ton of money on a recent trip to Rio with our short term team

    God Bless


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