January 17, 2008

Salvation on the Hill

Since the last post I've been to the small town twice. On Friday I went to meet with Lu, who had missed our meeting on Wednesday and I told him the stories he missed. I also went and talked to people who have participated in our past Bible studies (both oral and literate) and talked with them about our baptisms on February 3rd.

Yesterday, I returned to the families on the hill. Most were present. No news from the man who left his wife. I told the story of Jesus and Nicodemos from John 3. After I told the story, they asked me to tell it again. This is becoming habit, and in my mind, not a bad thing. We then stepped through the story, in other words, I asked them to tell it back to me in parts and asked questions at the parts they might have had trouble remembering.

Once the story was told I asked them some simple questions. (below they are listed, as I remember them) Once the discussion time was nearly over, I asked the group if they wanted to be born again. They all enthusiasticly said yes. We prayed and they confessed their sins and asked God to forgive them through Jesus. So, now 5 people in the families on the hill have received Jesus. I will continue storying with them leading up to baptism on February 3rd. Pray that Satan be left powerless against this family group.
  • Why do you think Nicodemos went to see Jesus?
  • Why do you think he went at night?
  • What did Jesus guarantee to him was true?
  • Did Nicodemus understand? Do you?
  • How did Jesus explain what it means to be born again?
  • What did he compare it to?
  • Did Nicodemus understand that? Do you?
  • Jesus compared himself to a snake, did you understand that part of the story?
  • (I quickly told that OT story) Now do you understand?
  • How is Jesus like the snake?
  • (I retold John 3:16) Do you understand this verse?
  • What about light and dark, when do people commit more crimes?
  • Who is the light that God sent to the world?
  • What kind of person avoids God's light, who is attracted to it?

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